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011 Pest Control Magaliesburg & Fumigation Services Magaliesburg is one such company providing pest control in the Magaliesburg area. So feel free to contact them to discuss your problems. They will not only remove the pest from your household but also recommend or put preventive measures in place, reducing the chance of the pests returning to your home.

In Magaliesburg, there is a strict guideline about the use of chemicals and the destruction of habitats. Therefore, all the technicians at Magaliesburg Pest Control attend training about new techniques and guidelines every year.

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    Even though spiders are harmless in Magaliesburg, they are one of the most common and feared pests. Their serious infestation may be terrifying, especially for people who have arachnophobia. It is important to know that spiders pose no severe health risk, so if it is just a spider or two, you can simply pick them up using a glove or tissue and put them outside.

    However, if you believe you have a severe spider infestation in your home or building, you can seek professional help for pest control in Magaliesburg area. Pest control services such as Magaliesburg Pest Control will be able to have a look at the problem and suggest a viable professional pest control solution. Contact 011 Pest Control Magaliesburg today. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to promote themselves as pest control technicians. 

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    The larvae of these moths feed on your carpets and fabrics. The adult females of clothes moths lay eggs on natural fabric fibres, such as silk, fur and wool, as well as linen and cotton blends. The developing larvae then spin protective webbing and chew into your fabric, creating specks of excrement and holes on your fabric.

    You can find the damage often concentrated in concealed locations, for example, the seam of the clothing, under the collars, in folds, around the edges of the carpets, and under your furniture. The best method to control such pests is frequent cleaning of garments, using mothballs to repel insects.

    Bed Bugs are very small roundish, flat parasitic insects and scientifically known as Cimex.  Their color is reddish-brown when adults.  Bed Bugs are blood-sucking insects with their food being the blood from animals and humans.  Bed bugs and aptly named since their territory is often beds, bedrooms, and such environments where it’s easy to prey on their hosts. Bed Bugs are attracted by the heat that emanates from the human body as well as the carbon dioxide you breathe out.  Once you’re asleep they will crawl out, with their prick, they excrete saliva that is an anesthetic so you don’t notice they are feeding on you.   Once they have pricked you, they will feed on you for up to 5 minutes.

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    Carpet beetles belong to family Dermestidae, while their adults feed on pollen and nectar; their larvae are destructive pests for homes and warehouses. They feed on various animal products, including silk, leather, wool, pet hair, bristles of hairbrushes, feathers, etc.

    They infest hidden locations in your households and might feed on a larger area of any fabric than clothes moths. They leave specks of excrement and hollow, brown, bristly looking spots. It is challenging to manage such infestations, and you will need professional pest control in Dublin to get rid of this type of pest.

    Remember, these beetles can fly in from the outdoors, and their larvae can survive in dust and even in the vacuum cleaners bags etc. In warehouses, you can use sticky traps and bait them with suitable pheromones to identify the infestation.


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    Fleas are small wingless insects with tube-like mouths that they have adapted to feed on their hosts’ blood. The adult fleas feed purely on blood, whereas larvae can feed on other organic matter such as faeces of other insects etc.

    Fleas can attack all types of warm-blooded species such as humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, rats, mice, and ferrets. Therefore if you doubt your pet has a flea infestation, you must seek professional help from a pest control company in Magaliesburg to fumigate your premises to get rid of the problem.

    A bed bug bite generally looks like a red blotch.   Often bed bugs will bite in the same area so if you have many red blotches appear – sometimes in an orderly line – you may have bed bugs.   Bed bug bites can have different effects – from skin rashes to allergic reactions.  As with all bites, scratching should be avoided in order to not open the skin up making it prone to infection. lt in swelling and could lead to an infection.


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