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Without Pest Control Rosebank & Fumigation Services Rosebank, Ant infestations are not the easiest to eradicate. In fact, large colonies of ants require more extensive eradication measures than some other pest infestations. The biggest problem with ant infestations is their advanced underground shelters, which are divided into networks. Each network houses one or more nests of ants, making them even more difficult to eradicate. A licensed, experienced exterminator in Rosebank will not have any issues finding every network in the ant’s underground shelter. A thorough inspection is a solution to finding these hard-to-locate networks. A combination of treatments works better than a single treatment to eradicate ant infestations. Contact us to learn more about our ant pest control solutions.

Ants, in general, pose no risk for humans, animals, or plants, However, they can leave devastation in their paths inside your home. They will do whatever is necessary to access food sources. If it means chewing through thin cardboard boxes and plastic bags, it means chewing through cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Fortunately, social ants do not carry diseases that can spread to humans and animals.

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    Yes, it is possible to eradicate ant infestations with the right products and techniques. However, these will only work for mild ant infestations. Moderate and severe ant infestations are comprised of more extensive ant colonies, making them much more difficult to eradicate with DIY insecticidal techniques and products. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s application directions to a tee when utilizing over-the-counter ant insecticides and traps.

    Rosebank extermination contractors utilize special techniques to protect their customers and assets from all potential damage risks. These techniques and products have been approved by the South African Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA oversees the production and distribution of extermination products, such as insecticides and pesticides. EPA-approved ant control products have been deemed safe for the environment, humans, animals, and plants when administered properly.


    Pest Control Services Rosebank

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    It is not that easy to protect a building structure from ant infestations. However, with diligence, patience, time, and the proper prevention measures, it is possible to seal off your home from the most diligent ants. The best place to start is by filling in access points into your home. These could be anything from a tiny crevice to a large plumbing pipe opening. Utilize caulk and other types of sealants to close off all openings to prevent future access to ants. It is also possible to place ant traps on the exterior of your home.

    Once your home is free of cockroaches, you will need to continue working to prevent a future infestation. Follow the aforementioned tips provided above to keep your home cockroach-free. Frequent inspections are necessary to detect cockroaches before they have the opportunity to transition to an infestation. Contact our Rosebank office to learn more about our EPA-approved cockroach solutions. We work long hours to ensure access to the best cockroach pesticides on the market. These products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our exterminator will offer more suggestions and tips following the cockroach treatment.

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    Fleas are tiny pests that prey on animals, such as canines, felines, and deer. Properties with domesticated and/or wild animals are the most common flea targets. There is no evidence that shows the flea to be harmful to the environment or humans. In fact, these insects are more of a nuisance than a health or environmental concern. However, some flea species have been linked to the spread of plague and typhus to humans through bites. In Rosebank pest control, and throughout the Gauteng, fleas are considered an annoyance, drawing some concern among experts and pet and property owners.

    Differentiating from one insect bite to another can be extremely difficult since they are all very similar. Animal flea bites have been linked to loss of fur, continuous itching and scratching, and allergic dermatitis. These insect bite symptoms are linked to the protein found in the saliva of fleas. These insects have also been associated with tapeworms in humans and domesticated animals that are housed indoors.


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    We are a locally owned Rosebank pest control company. We’ve got been serving Rosebank and the surrounding areas for as long as we can remember. Right from the get-go, our main goal has always been to provide the very best pest defense, pest control, and pest elimination possible.

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    Flea infestations are very difficult to prevent, especially in homes with domesticated animals. If your pets are housed indoors, the risk of a flea infestation is much lower than for outdoor pets. When pets are housed outdoors, they are not only exposed to the elements but also to all kinds of insect species, including fleas. To protect your pets, family, and home from flea infestations, you will need to do the following:

    • Do not adopt a pet if you are physically unable to care for it
    • Treat your pets with an anti-parasite treatment specific for flea prevention
    • Keep your lawn neat and trim (no taller than 3 inches) to minimize ground level humidity
    • Never feed wild animals when they frequent your property
    • Install fencing to prevent access to wild animals
    • Routinely inspect your pet’s fur, bedding, and shelter for signs of fleas
    • Routinely clean your pet’s bedding and shelter
    • Routinely vacuum your entire home to remove any potential flea larvae to prevent a full-blown flea infestation

    It is impossible to create a 100 percent flea-safe barrier around your home. But, if you are diligent and follow the tips provided above, your flea infestation risk will decrease significantly.


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    Pest infestations are popping up all over the Rosebank area. Home and business owners face some of the most challenging pest infestations ever reported from South Africa. Everything from stinging pests to yellow jackets to black widows to carpenter ants to bed bugs, all of which are causing enormous devastation. Whether you believe pests are a problem or not, your 80031 home and business are at risk too. When things get bad for Rosebank residents, they can always count on our commercial pest control services.

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